Free Serum Patches for Worship

I love Xfer’s Serum synth, and I really love the deal they have with Splice where you can get it for $10 a month until you own it.

Doesn’t seem like very many people in the worship space use it, so here’s some patches to get you started.

Make note of the modifier knobs on the left hand panel; a few of the patches have some knobs that do interesting things

Serum Patches Vol. 1 Patch List:

  • Huge Pad: This one is gets big. With the “bigness” knob at 50%, it’s a nice warm pad. At 100%, it’s HUGE and LOUD for big parts of the song. Turn the reverb down and the attack up for a punchy synth lead.
  • Rhythmic Bass: That 16th note repeating bass tone you hear under every worship song right now.
  • Soog Bass: My dream is to own a Moog Subsequent 37 for bass patches. Until then, this gets me by. Keep the cutoff at 45% for a smooth tone. But I love pushing it to ~55% (or until it opens up before buzzing) for a more aggressive tone.
  • Synth Pluck: Loosely inspired by the pluck sound in The Brilliance’s “Oh Dreamer” A nice little pluck, great for layering with other things.
  • Vintage Brass: Maybe not super useful, but this is just a fun patch; reminiscent of the brass patches found in vintage analog synths.

Download Here